Needed Items List

Our ongoing mission is to serve the beautiful people of Minneapolis who are experiencing homelessness. Each week (sometimes multiple times a week) we put all the items we have in our cars to set up a store car so when we find people they can shop for whatever items they need. (free for them of course!) Our goal is to build relationships with them, make them feel valued, and show them that they truly DO MATTER.

Ways To Help!!

#1 Donate funds through our Venmo account (see below) – 100% of funds go straight towards purchasing the list items. Any dollar amount is incredibly appreciated.

VENMO: @everybodyLOVEeverybody

#2 Donate new/like new items from the list below – and either mail them to the provided address OR arrange a meet up time – 3109 West 50th Street, #333, Minneapolis, MN, 55410

***Text/Call us at 612-598-0053 if you have any questions

NEEDED ITEM LIST: (everything must be in either new or like new condition)

• Backpacks/drawstring bags

• Sleeping Bags

• Blankets – no holes, rips, stains (please make sure they are washed)

• Outdoor Tarps

• Camping Pads (this is a great one from Amazon as it is a foot press self inflatable one – any self inflatable ones are perfect) – FRETREE Camping Air Sleeping Pad Mat ($30)

• New Camping Pillows (this one they love from Dicks made by Field and Stream is $5)

• Food (Needed food items – fresh fruit (clementines, bananas, plums, nectarine, grapes), pre-packed muffins, jerky packets, Vienna sausages, peanut butter, apple sauce squeeze ones, jello cups, pudding cups, fruit cups, cheez its, goldfish, single chicken cracker boxes, ramen, single serve easy mac cups, chips, poptarts, protein meal replacement drinks) ***please make sure none of the food is expired

• Gatorade & Powerade

• New water bottles only

• Flashlights – ones that are also lanterns they really LOVE (here’s one from Target that they love – it’s a lantern as well) – Life Gear Tech LED Flashlight ($10 – Target)

CLOTHES/SHOES: MUST be in new/like new condition – NO stains, rips, holes, pilling. Please only donate what you would still wear that’s in great condition. We want to give the people really great condition clothes/shoes to show them value/worth. Clothing must be freshly washed and sorted – we want all clothing smelling nicely for them.

• Sweatshirts/Long sleeves (all sizes men and women)

•Jeans/Sweatpants (all sizes men and women)

•Fall Jackets/Winter Coats (all sizes men and women)

•Underwear & Boxers (MUST BE NEW in package – all sizes for men and women)

• Tennis Shoes/Fall and Winter Boots (must be new/like new condition – all sizes for men and women)

• Socks (great condition – all sizes for men and women)

• Bras – all sizes


• Razors (for men and women)

• Shaving Cream (travel size – men and women)

• Deodorant (men and women)

• Nail Clippers

• Combs/Brushes (foldable brushes or small brushes are very helpful)

• Chapstick

• Baby wipes/Body wipes

• Kleenex Travel Packs

• Band-Aids (big and small)

• Foot Powder

•Toothbrushes and toothbrush covers

• Bath Towels, Hand Towels, Washcloths – must be washed and in new/like new condition

• Hair Ties

• Small Detergents

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